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NameBenson, Steve
ElectionHamilton Municipal Election 2018
AreaWard 07
Email campaign@stevebenson.ca
Website http://www.stevebenson.ca/
BioWe live in times where there’s discontent with political leadership worldwide,whether international, national, or on a local level.

While we may not be able to significantly impact international or national levels of government, we, as citizens of the great city of Hamilton, certainly have the power to help decide what’s happening on a local level.

At present, however, there’s too much going on behind closed doors; decisions are being made by a select few that affect the lives of all citizens of Hamilton. Because of the lack of information or the difficulty in obtaining it, most citizen adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude and let sleeping dogs lie.

However, if information on such important issues as speed limits, bike lanes, LTR, Zero Vision, population increases, low income housing, public transit, parks and recreation, shopping malls, city services, and on and on… were readily
available, citizens would and should take an active interest and be informed of these issues that concern us all.

Meet Steve Benson…

Like most Hamiltonians, Steve too is fed up with the present situation and ready and willing to do something about it and make everyone’s voice be heard.

Born and raised on the Hamilton Mountain, Steve is a father of three children and four grandchildren. Steve celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary this year. After graduating high school he went on to study Computer Engineering at Niagara College and continued his studies at the University of Toronto and the School of Architecture.

Why run for councillor?

Steve, like countless other Hamiltonians, is more than frustrated and disappointed with how decisions are being made on behalf of the people of his city and he feels strongly that some of these issues lie with City Council.

Steve’s approach will be entirely different.
He will listen, he will be available, and he will be approachable. Steve
will focus on the needs of the people in Ward 7.

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