Michael Baldasaro, Candidate for Hamilton Centre in Ontario Provincial Election 2011

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NameMichael Baldasaro
ElectionOntario Provincial Election 2011
AreaHamilton Centre
Email michaelbaldasaro@live.ca
Website https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=358902577867
BioBorn at Little Current, Manitoulin Island, May 23, 1949. Resettled to Hamilton in 1949.

* Schooled at St. John The Baptist, De la Salle Oak lands (Camp), Delta High School and Universe University.

* Worked as an Operating Engineer, since 1967, Family Construction Business, Baldasaro & MacGregor Ltd.
(General Contractors) and with the International Union of Operating Engineers as an out-side Contractor in Stelco, Dofasco, Westinghouse, International Harvester, McCoy and other Foundries.

* Experienced in road, sewer, water main, tunnel, building construction and demolition.

* Minister Plenipotentiary, Church of the Universe since 1979.

* Professor Legal Self Defence, Universe University. Civil, Criminal, Constitutional Litigation.

* Human Rights Activist since 1967 and an aspiring servant to my fellow human beings, all my life.

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Responses to Questions (top)

QuestionBrief ResponseFull Response
Do you support term limits for municipal politicians? Why or why not? Yes I believe a politicians tenure should be permitted to go on for no more than 1 generation, 10 years.
In 2007, the Ontario Government promised two light rail lines in Hamilton. Will you fulfill that promise to build light rail in Hamilton? Why or why not? Yes Just as long as the Government is paying for this and not raising our taxes. The Greater Hamilton Area, "G.H.A.", should be connected to our University Centre and Innovation Park, via Light Rail Transit.
Will you complete the job of uploading social services costs to the Province? Why or why not? Yes The Province makes money off what used to be called illegal gambling and booze running. They should give something back.
Hamilton has a lot of available office space in the downtown. Will you move any departments to Hamilton to boost the local economy and save on rent costs? Why or why not? Yes McMaster University (with its Nuclear Reactor, Hospital and Engineering facilities) along with Innovation Park, in the very least, deserve the same amount of recognition and placement of Government Departments as they give to the University of Guelph, its Veterinarian College and Local Municipality. No?
Do you support completing the Mid-Peninsula Highway? Why or why not? Yes Yes I do. Like it or not, highways are what moves us and gridlock demands something be done.
The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area has some of the worst traffic congestion in North America. What, if anything, will you do to alleviate the gridlock? Yes Promote Go and local Transit, Light Rail included.
Hamilton has a large number of contaminated brownfield properties that present a risk for investors. What, if anything, will you do to make it easier to remediate brownfields? Yes Raise taxes on any property which is costing the city to protect, service and maintain, including legislating for quicker action when Landlords do not act swiftly to remedy complaints about the state of their property, by making the complaint procedure simple and easy to access and last but not least, by making it possible to follow-up on the action taken on the complaint to adhere to property standards and other orders.
Do you believe municipalities should have more powers to generate revenue? If so, what would you propose? If not, why not? Yes We should allow Municipalities to run raffles, just like Lotto Ontario does, to raise revenues.