Geoff Peacock, Candidate for Niagara West-Glanbrook in Ontario Provincial Election 2011

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NameGeoff Peacock
ElectionOntario Provincial Election 2011
AreaNiagara West-Glanbrook
PartyFreedom Party of Ontario
Email geoffpeacock@ymail.com
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Responses to Questions (top)

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In 2007, the Ontario Government promised two light rail lines in Hamilton. Will you fulfill that promise to build light rail in Hamilton? Why or why not? Yes A Freedom government will fulfill any previous obligations that are in place.
Will you complete the job of uploading social services costs to the Province? Why or why not? Yes A Freedom government will fulfill any previous obligations that are in place.
Hamilton has a lot of available office space in the downtown. Will you move any departments to Hamilton to boost the local economy and save on rent costs? Why or why not? Maybe Because it will be necessary to re-organize government departments, a commitment cannot be made at this time.
Do you support completing the Mid-Peninsula Highway? Why or why not? No I do not support the Mid-Peninsula Highway. I don't think that current traffic levels are high enough and can't be dealt with in another way that we need to rip apart precious farm land and wildlife habitat to build a multi billion dollar road that will take 8+ years to complete.
The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area has some of the worst traffic congestion in North America. What, if anything, will you do to alleviate the gridlock? Yes More transit options may need to be put in place.
Hamilton has a large number of contaminated brownfield properties that present a risk for investors. What, if anything, will you do to make it easier to remediate brownfields? Yes A solution to that problem will have to be worked out with the co-operation of City of Hamilton.
Do you believe municipalities should have more powers to generate revenue? If so, what would you propose? If not, why not? No Not through taxes. The people of this province pay more than enough taxes already.
Do you support term limits for municipal politicians? Why or why not? No All politicians should be elected but it is up to the people to decide if they want to keep electing them.