Christopher Lawson, Candidate for Hamilton Centre in Ontario Provincial Election 2011

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NameChristopher Lawson
ElectionOntario Provincial Election 2011
AreaHamilton Centre
PartyFreedom Party of Ontario
Email hamiltoncenter@hotmail.com
Website http://www.freedomparty.on.ca
BioIf you as a citizen and a voter are fed up with the continuous cycle of promises and disappointment as you support your political choices, you have a new opportunity on Voting Day. You can vote Freedom Party. If you do, you get to say to all those disappointing guys that let things get this way, "YOU"RE FIRED!" Only voters get to say they said this. If you don't vote, then you don't say anything. Tell them, "YOU"RE FIRED!" Vote Freedom Party on Election Day!

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In 2007, the Ontario Government promised two light rail lines in Hamilton. Will you fulfill that promise to build light rail in Hamilton? Why or why not? Maybe It was not a Freedom Party government that made those promises. That being said, I believe it would be prudent to investigate every avenue possible to make it happen. Something desperately needs to be done to address the problem of traffic congestion in the Golden Horseshoe area. Light rail could be an answer to many issues: relieving commuter congestion, encouraging inter-city tourism and boosting inter-city commerce.
Will you complete the job of uploading social services costs to the Province? Why or why not? Yes Cities like Hamilton have had recipients of various social services concentrated in their population by various social service mechanisms across the province. This results in a disproportionate burden for municipalities when assigning the costs of these services at tax time. The equal distribution of the real costs of these services should be spread across the province that they serve.
Hamilton has a lot of available office space in the downtown. Will you move any departments to Hamilton to boost the local economy and save on rent costs? Why or why not? Maybe I will recommend Hamilton for this possibility if the cost-effectiveness of moving is genuinely competitive to the alternative. In any event, if elected, I will maintain an office in the downtown Hamilton area.
Do you support completing the Mid-Peninsula Highway? Why or why not? Maybe I have not seen the plans for this highway. I can imagine possible pros and cons that I would like answered before making a commitment on this issue. Will it increase commerce sufficiently to cover its costs? Budgets are tight, but I suspect that it would more than pay for itself in the long run. Can we afford the short run costs right now? What type of properties, watersheds, ecosystems, etc. would be affected and how would they be affected? I would love to see the environmental studies on this plan.
The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area has some of the worst traffic congestion in North America. What, if anything, will you do to alleviate the gridlock? Yes Our major highways of the 400 series can safely perform their task 20% faster. Congestion is carried out of town by these highways. Good drivers know that it is safest to drive calmly with the flow of the traffic. We all know what that speed is on our 400 series highways. The speed limit should be 120 km/hr. Good drivers should not be penalized for going 120 km/hr on these highways that were actually designed to sustain these speeds.
Hamilton has a large number of contaminated brownfield properties that present a risk for investors. What, if anything, will you do to make it easier to remediate brownfields? Yes The Jackie Washington Park in Hamilton Centre is a remediated Plastimet disaster. Remediation has its place, but what can be done with some of these properties is very limited. I am in favor of stronger penalties, penalties with real teeth, against those company executives that are knowing parties to the creation of the processes that bring about these ecological disasters known as brownfields. Those responsible need to face serious responsibility. Perhaps this is what it will take to deter others from following a destructive or irresponsible path to satisfy their greed.
Do you believe municipalities should have more powers to generate revenue? If so, what would you propose? If not, why not? No Do you mean should they have more power to tax? We are already taxed enough. Business generates revenue in the municipality. Business is the lifeblood. All government is like a flea riding on the back of this animal. What if corner stores could sell a profitable new and popular product? A Freedom Party government would extend to them the opportunity to compete with the LCBO outlets. Canadian-made micro-brews and wines are denied a Canadian market. A Freedom government will ensure these Canadian products are available to the Canadian market. In addition it would eliminate the Liquor Tax and abolish minimum pricing. Those who live in places that require them to drive to work and all transportation businesses will appreciate that a Freedom government would eliminate the Gasoline Tax. Lowering the cost of transportation lowers the market price of any goods that are transported (almost everything)! A Freedom government would also roll back the Health Premium. All businesses and the municipal government benefit together from the Freedom Party policies that seek economically viable, ecologically-considerate, cheaper electricity. If we can't guarantee greater revenues, can we at least offer lower bills? There is more than one way to make ends meet! When business prospers there is a greater tenancy occupation rate and, in turn, greater tax revenue to the municipality. Ultimately, lowering the costs of operation for business means more business. More tax? NO. The Liberals promised, "no new taxes." It was a lie. The PST, hidden in the HST, was applied all kinds of places that the PST was never applied to before. It was 3 billion dollars worth of "no new tax"! Lower taxes. Vote Freedom Party.
Do you support term limits for municipal politicians? Why or why not? Maybe As a candidate for the Provincial Legislature, it might be intrusive for me to promote a specific opinion on matters of municipal operations. I do promote public input in a democratic system. I suggest that a responsible municipal politician will see a possible opportunity to create a public referendum of some nature to address this issue.